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Why I Don't Make Miniatures Anymore

Journal Entry: Wed May 6, 2015, 6:20 AM

I've had several people ask why I no longer work on 1:12 pieces anymore lately, so I thought I'd copy and paste an answer I gave on tumblr a little while ago.

I am not heading to any miniature shows this year or any other year. I know I touched a little on how I’ve left the miniatures community, but I’d like to maybe give a bit more of an explanation as to why.

Now, I still do love miniatures. I love making my tiny foods and I love looking at other people’s collections. I just really, really dislike the community where I am locally.

The long and the short is that the community where I am is pretty damn toxic. It took me over a year to see just how awful it truly is down here, which is an absolute shame because it’s slowly dying off (and I can now see why).

I was pressured to become secretary for my miniature club. I was hounded over any tiny little detail in the newsletter, and any complaints against it or me would be taken to my guild leader instead of coming to me directly. Eventually it became a giant list of issues I had to deal with instead of people coming up to me, like adults, so I could deal with them. In the end it became too much and I left the guild when they refused to help me cover the cost of stamps and ink - for a position which I didn’t even want in the first place. Plus, you know, the constant complaints that would be brought up in the most passive aggressive manner possible.

That coupled with how plain awful other vendors could be at shows was what killed my love for miniatures. I associated with one artist who has been really down on his luck (briefly ending up homeless - I offered to sell his pottery for him through my Etsy shop for no cost to help him generate some extra money), and everyone decided they would let me know how awful it was to associate with this person. It was just to remarkably two-faced because they would pretend to be his friend otherwise - just to get a deal on his work.

And this was always the case with other vendors. I had people that would come up and just outright demand a discount because I’d been in their miniature guild. Or expect I do classes for free for them. Or just want me to give them stuff so they could use it in their own pieces they would sell. I especially loved how they’d shun me if I so much as dared talk to or be friendly with another vendor or guild member they deiced to hate that week for whatever reason.

Sounds a lot like middle school, huh? Keep in mind these people were well over 60.

Also I had a pretty awful experience with IGMA when I applied to be an artisan. I was declined (which was fine, I wasn’t expecting to get in), but the letter I received back with my declined items was so condescending and snooty to the point where I went and cancelled my membership with them immediately. I’ve since left all my online miniature organizations as well.

All of this pretty much turned me off the miniature community in general completely. And I know it’s not fair because I’ve met a ton of really nice and fantastically awesome people through shows and online. It’s just really depressing that the only community I have where I am is so toxic that it killed off my love for my work. I still can’t really bring myself to make miniatures because it just makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Sorry for the giant wall of text. D: I did want to write this all out at some point, and I guess this gave me the excuse to. Maybe one day I’ll go back into the miniature community, but it won’t be any time soon.

So, there you go. I still can't get excited over making miniatures just to make them. I do still take commissions for them, of course, but my passion to make them just to make them is gone. I can get excited over the idea of a certain piece, but when I sit down to actually do it, I just can't bring myself to actually start working on it. The only 1:12 things I actually still enjoy making are the fish resin pieces.

But I still make tiny food - just in jewelry form.





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